Retreat Away To A Lush Urban Garden Bistro

The Bistro The Garden

The Bistro

An Illuminating Voyage Across Latin-Europe

Tucked in the lush environment of CapitaSpring’s Green Oasis with sky-high city views, Sol & Luna is a charming Latin European Bistro that boasts a thoughtfully curated spread of French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish all-day fare. Treading the balance between tradition and innovation, the culinary team goes against the art of convention and injects fun and finesse into notable classic Latin European dishes through a seamless transition of cuisine offerings from day through night.

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The Garden

The Best Garden Oasis Alfresco Spot In Town

A vibrant bistro encased within the thriving Green Oasis of CapitaSpring, Sol & Luna offers both an intimate outdoor dining experience along with a spectacular view of the cityscape for social gatherings and celebrations. The bistro and garden oasis is also a charming destination for weddings, corporate and social events.