Sol & Luna x Bar DIP
4 May
6pm to 10pm

Join us for a special evening as the founder of Bar DIP steps into Sol & Luna for a Guest Shift.


4 May | 6pm – 10pm


About Bar DIP

The concept behind the “dip” brand draws inspiration from the renowned Hakka indigo dyeing technique in Meinong, Kaohsiung. The technique involves soaking and extracting natural herbal plant pigments, which are connected with the mixology techniques. The brand image resembles a state of immersion in a water tank, incorporating Hakka elements as the main theme. Our aim is to pass on the culture left by our family and ancestors in a fresh and innovative way, providing a new cultural experience of Hakka.


“Dipping” is a crucial step in extracting natural pigments for the Hakka indigo dyeing technique. The extracted pigments are placed on various objects to complete the technique, similar to the distillation, fermentation, and low-temperature cooking skills involved in mixology, where more flavor elements are extracted through the dipping process. By extracting element A and placing it into element B, we can complete the perfect golden formula.

In partnership with

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